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Dissecting the iconography of corporate logos and low-brow consumer products, the work rebuilds experimental, animated landscapes where invented logics disband fact and laws of motion, making way for lapses in reality and mistakes to be made. 


Each new space emerges through model making, collage, drawing and utilising found and discarded materials. The movements of suns and trees are governed by tiny haphazard systems of motors, while cars travel along roads confused with roundabout-come-recycling signs. Recurrent motifs zoom in and out of the world as a whole, navigating space via symbols and icons over compasses and maps. The landscapes often seem reminiscent of diagrams found in BBC Bitesize or the weather channel, clouds and suns like icons or signifiers, bearing little resemblance to their actual form in the ‘real’ world. 


Through extracting and reconfiguring logos, signage and caricatures, the work explores tensions between the dimensions, what happens to these objects outside of the printed and digital, and how can we make sense of them?

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